Joe Sacco’s Footnotes on Gaza

Joe Sacco probably has the best job in the world- he’s is a cartoon journalist. Now I know there isn’t many of those but even if there were, he would defintely be one of the top journo-toonists. Ever.

I read his ‘Safe Area Gorazde’ for some university work and was totally blown away. Not only is he a talented cartoonist but he has real knack for telling personal stories in moving away [i.e. minus the drama] with the factual accuracy and political/social background you [should] expect from a journalist.  Safe Area definately comes highly recommended especially if you want to know more about the war in Bosnia. I recently read ‘Palestine’ which was his first full graphic novel on …well, Palestine. For those wanted to get more on the situation the book is great but I am looking forward to getting my hands on his latest book ‘Footnotes on Gaza’.

Mondoweiss has more exclusive pages of the book, so check it out

From the Book FOOTNOTES IN GAZA by Joe Sacco. Copyright © 2009 by Joe Sacce. Reprinted by arrangement with Metropolitan Books, an imprint of Henry Holt and Company LLC.

– Arwa Aburawa


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