Information is Beautiful- Left and Right politics..

Everyone in the office today was talking about politics and the elections and the problems with Labour, Conservatives, the wars, politics in general etc. Where I’m working at the moment is quite diverse and I get to  talk to some tories (!) and to be honest- I am finding it absolutely fascinating.  Kinda realizing that they are just (if not more so) fragmented as the left and seem pretty pragmatic in their views.. still the legacy of Thatcher runs pretty deep in my Manchester roots and I don’t think I could ever vote Conservative!

Anyway, I stumbled on this and just thought it was a great summary of the differences between left and right politics in the Western world. I think we should be taught more things visually- especially when it looks this gorgeous.

Click on the image to get a proper look at the info!


One response to “Information is Beautiful- Left and Right politics..

  1. Wow, I love this! Really simplifies the debate and makes the whole thing rather aesthetically pleasing to boot. You can tell that whoever designed it is a total lefty though!

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