Carol Ann Duffy and Democracy

It feels really strange to think that I am now officially living under a Conservative government- it’s a strange mix of horror and morbid curiosity. I have a theory that curiosity is the main reason we don’t learn from history. We just wanna see that mess with our own eyes, I guess.

Anyway, Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy wrote an eloquent poem about the whole fiasco of an election which refers to poor old Gordon Brown and also the scandal of people getting turned away at polling stations.


Here’s a boat that cannot float.
Here’s a queue that cannot vote.
Here’s a line you cannot quote.
Here’s a deal you cannot note …
and here’s a sacrificial goat,
here’s a cut, here’s a throat,
here’s a drawbridge, here’s a moat …
What’s your hurry? Here’s your coat.


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