All you need to know about Manchester City Council

…Well, everything you need to know in under five minutes.

Marc Hudson of Manchester Climate fortnightly and a million other ambitious project has put together a five-minute vid on Manchester City Council and the Environment which every activist in Manchester should watch. Despite people running around proclaiming the rise of globalisation and a global village, in reality the local level politic is where the average person can have an impact.  So knowing your stuff on a stuff locally makes a lot of sense.

I am sure Marc won’t mind me saying that it’s a pretty rough-n-ready video but it delivers what it promises and more would be appreciated.

[Artwork information: Emmesse, Townhall. Emmesse is a local artist who is best known for his surreal cityscapes and whose work is displayed in Mooch Art Gallery in the Triangle, City Centre.] ~ I thought this was a really cool portrayal of the M’cr Townhall …I like it~


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