Exodus Vs. Mavi Marmara: Two Ships that Changed Israel?

I have been thinking a lot about journalism recently and what kind of journalist I aspire to be- what medium I want to use, what role I want to play etc. The one thing I have decided on is that in essence a good journalist is someone who can bring something to story – an interesting view, a piece of history, a video, photo, a new testimony that makes you feel like you’re reading the news for the very first time.

Adam Curtis does it ALL the time. I simultaneously love him and completely hate him (in jealousy of course!) for his ability to consistently bring something unique to his reporting. For example, a lot has been written about the unforgivable Israeli assault on the aid ship, the Mavi Marmara that was heading to the besieged Gaza Strip, which left 9 aid workers dead. Was it acceptable (no!), was it piracy (not really), will Israel get away with it (most probably)..etc.

Curtis not only made the connection with a very similar event in 1947 but also dug up a documentary from the BBC’s archives about the event which is definitely worth a quick watch!

In 194,  Jewish refugees boarded a ship named the Exodus and tried to break the British blockade of Palestine. British soldiers boarded the ship 21 miles off the coast of Palestine killing 3 refugees- it was an international scandal and PR disaster for the UK. In fact, Curtis states that many credit this incident as one of the most significant events that led to the founding of the modern Israeli state.

Although the events are different in lots of ways, I wonder if the foundations of the Israeli nation- built on that of a ship full of people desperate for change- can be shaken by another, very similiar,  ship that sailed 60 years later?


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