Inspired by Muhammad… to protect the environment

Inspired by Muhammed is a new campaign hoping to show a different side to Islam to the UK general public. It coincides with a national poll which found that whilst more than half the British population associate Islam with extremism (58%) and terrorism (50%), only a mere 6% believe that Islam promotes active measures to protect the environment.

So with that,  they launched a media campaign of the profile of three Muslims- one who cares about women’s rights, social justice and the final one looking at the environment by Kristiane Backer.

Muhammad emphasised the Quranic decree of treating the earth as a trust, and humankind its guardians. Likening our planet to a sacred place of prayer, “All of the earth has been made to me as a mosque,” Muhammad promoted respect and responsibility towards the environment amongst his companions. He encouraged water conservation, instructing them not to be wasteful even if they were next to a flowing river, and stipulated the importance of keeping public places tidy: “One of the branches of faith is to remove litter from the street,” he said.

Today, we are encouraged to recycle, conserve, and care for the world around us. If Muhammad was here today, he would echo the same ecological concerns that he did over 1,430 years ago. Current ‘plant a tree’ campaigns sit well with Muhammad’s credentials. He organised the planting of trees and date groves, and turned forests into conservation areas called  ‘hima’ or sanctuaries for thriving ecosystems.

Hopefully I’ll be able to link to their videos and it also worth checking out the animal welfare video by Sarah Joseph of Emel Magazine.


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