A World of Green Muslims

This blog is to be a one-stop shop for all that is happening in the Green Muslim world, that I started in August 2010.  There are alot of great things happening in the Muslim world with regards to environmental-awareness but it’s scattered all over the place. That’s where A World of Green Muslims comes in and hopefully it will turn into a diverse, and vibrant melting pot for everything green and Islamic.

From eco-art, ethical fashion to greening Hajj and solar power- A World of Green Muslims- will post it all. All the latest news, views and reviews will be featured alongside profiles of green Muslim organisations and bloggers. This blog also hopes to be a great resources for curious Muslims hoping to go a little greener and highlight Islam’s green message.

If you feel that A World of Green Muslims has missed a great story, product or organisation just drop us an email at:  aworldofgreenmuslims[at] yahoo.com and we’ll do our best to rectify it!

Some facts about the Muslim Community and the Environment

  • Muslims making up one-fifth of the world’s population. Co-ordinated action among them toward a greener planet could have a profound impact on easing global warming woes
  • The ecological footprint of the Muslim world is far less than that of the Northern developed nations. Some ecologists have suggested that the developed world has much to learn from Muslim cultures about sustainable living.

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