Why I started this blog…

Almost everyday, I will read something which is just absolutely fascinating.

Something I want to remember and tell everybody about but  stuff I just can’t dump on my freelance writing website. Hey presto this blog is born!

I am going to be posting everything I stumble across which I think is funny, insightful, interesting, under-reported or just plain wierd. In all honesty this will be for my own purposes as I have a tendency to want to come back to things by which point they have disappeared in the abyss of the internet. But if anyone else shares my particular interests in Palestine, the environment , Muslims, women’s issues ( in particular Muslim women), Manchester events and activism art then all the better.


3 responses to “Why I started this blog…

  1. Look forward to reading more of your musings. Love the lanterns. In peace, Rianne

  2. Thanks Rianne and its been great getting to know your work too. The lanterns were from a pic I took in Nablus- its such a beautiful city!
    Take care

  3. stumbled upon your blog through a friend’s fb page! love the ideas and work! keep it up!

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