Me and My Writing

As a freelance journalist, I have the pleasure of writing about all the things that I love and care about.  This ranges from topics such as Palestine, local community news, the environment, women’s rights,  as well as political art and culture. I have published work in places such as The Big Issue, Elan, Islam Online, The Arab, B*tch Magazine, Make/Shift, Electronic Intifada and Green Prophet amongst others.

You can find most of this work here and you can also check out my blog which I try to keep updated with all my latest thoughts/ideas. To speak to me about my work email me: arwas_email [at]

A World of Green Muslims

This website is a blog project which I started in August 2010. It is hopes to grow into a one-stop shop for all that is happening in the Green Muslim world. All the latest news, views and reviews will be featured alongside profiles of green Muslim organisations and bloggers!

There are alot of great things happening in the Muslim world with regards to environmental-awareness but it’s scattered all over the place! That’s where a World of Green Muslims comes in and hopefully it will turn into a diverse, and vibrant melting pot for everything green and Islamic.

Drop us an email at:  aworldofgreenmuslims[at]

Friends of Al Aqsa Contributor

I have contributed articles to this organisations  newspapers and journal as well as being a guest editor for their quarterly newspaper. Friends of Al Aqsa have also commissioned me to write reports on important issues related to the organisation. Last year, I was commissioned to write a report on the latest conflict in Gaza, exploring aspects such as the political background, the seige  leading upto the war and international complicity.

More recently, I have put together a report on the role and influence of the worldwide Third Temple movement on the peace process in Palestine/Israel. You can email me at arwa[at]

My Previous Work:

Manchester Climate Fortnightly

As co-editor of Manchester Climate Fortnightly, it was my job to  keep our readers up-to-date on the latest issues and events in the region  including positive stories of grassroot progress,  local activism as well as hard-hitting stories which tackle the local council. We have scooped a couple of important local stories before the mainstream press and that’s on a non-existant budget and limited members! You can follow us here.

Friends of Al Aqsa Travel Guide

I was commissioned by Friends of Al-Aqsa and Turath Publishing to write and research the majority of the work for a Travel Guide to Palestine. This guide is aimed at Muslim travelers who are thinking of travel to the Holy Land and is consequently tailored to reflect their interests and provides information which is uniquely relevant to them.  Although it doesn’t ignore  Christian and Jewish sites, it does focus on the Islamic and Palestinian contributions to the country through religious sites, art and architecture.

The guide is also designed to support and promote Palestinian tourism during their visit and encourage visitors to see a different side to the country. As well as providing practical information for travel to and across Palestine/Israel, Muslim-friendly accommodation, tours, restaurants and wider facilities which support local Palestinians are encouraged.


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